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Automatic train wash machine

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Automatic train wash machine


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Product Details:
Brand Name: TEPO-AUTO
Certification: ISO9001/CE
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Delivery Time: 30Day
Payment Terms: TT-LC
Supply Ability: 20/month
Detailed Product Description
High Light:

train wash equipment


train washing system

Washing Machine for Rail Transit BEIJINGTEPO – AUTO WASHING

1 General scheme

1.1 General summarize

Automatic Train Washing Machine adopts to clean the dust, oil stain and other besmirch

of the train. By using the water, cleaning agent and the brush to wash two lateral of the

railroad train, include the car door with the pane. The Automatic Train Washing Machine is

constituted by washing system, electricity control system, water supply system, compressed

air supply systems. It adopts the train self-draught. The train passes the warehouse to wash

and brush with the speed of 2-4 km/ h. Automatically proceeds railroad train two lateral

washing. Wash the bodywork surface to have no the dust, mud with the other attachment.

Wash the empress's water to pass by to handle to behind circularly use. Have the auto or

manual control function and can choose if use a cleaning agent.

1.2 This washing machine has the following functions:

1) This washing machine can auto wash the lateral extern surface.

2) This washing machine can auto wash the coping of the train.

3) This washing machine provides to automatically clean the train, meanwhile, manual

cleaning is also possible.

4) Each working section can work manually and move from point to point.

5) This machine provides to display the washing state of each working section, any

failures and relevant parameter.

6) This machine have the perfect system protecting function. It also provides to give

alarm both automatically and manually in the event of a failure.

7) This machine provides two alternative ways of washing: detergent solution washing

and fresh water washing.

8) This machine provides two alternative ways of drain or watering: auto and manual.

9) This machine provides the function: reuse the circulating water.

10) This machine provides the record function: the train’s number, washing times, if

using the detergent or not.

1.3 Working mode

The mode of the automatic train washing machine is “go washing mode”. The lateral

and coping of the train is washed when the train is going with the limited speed. The train

moves by its own power. The driver drive the train with the limit speed of 2-4km/h.

1.4 Constituting of equipment

Automatic Train Washing Machine consists of pre-cooling and pre-wetting station,

front .lateral detergent brushing washing station, roof detergent brushing station, lateral

initial water brushing station, water supplying station, the compressed air supplying

station, water circulating and disposing station, detergent supplying station, electric

appliances and control system.

All of the components tally with the international standard IEC, ISO, The Chinese

national standard GB and Railway Ministry of China standard TB are also adopted.

1.5 Work conditions for the equipment

1) Main technical parameter of Metro vehicle which is washed.

The device is matched with the train which is used. These parameter is treated to settle.

2) Environment weather condition


Washing Machine for Rail Transit BEIJINGTEPO – AUTO WASHING


The equipment circulates accommodative of Chongqi’s weather term:

Operating temperature -5~50°C

Operating relative humidity <100%

3) Exterior power supply condition

Exterior power supply voltage:

Three-phase AC380V+10% 50Hz

Control voltage: single-phase AC380V+10% 50Hz

4) The exterior waters supply:

City running water of Chongqing

Water source pressure: 0.1Mpa

Flux ≥600 m3/h

1.6 The equipment's main technique parameter

1) The quality of washing

After watering, the surface of the train has no dirt, clean and bright. Varnish is good

and have no damage. Satisfy the request;

When the outer surface of the train is wiped with the white cotton cloth, there is no

obviously dirty; There is no obviously water in the door, window and the train’s outer


There are no damage(physical, chemical or mechnical) or latent damage to the train

structure, surface paint, airproof rubber and track; There are no upper criterion


2) The equipment's cleaning ability 4 trains/h

3) Vehicle’s speed allowed: 2 ~ 4 km/h

4) The accuracy of the parking signal positions ±0.5 m

5) Workers 2

6) PH value of detergent 6~9

7) Water consumption per train 1500L

8) Detergent consumption per train 0~15L

9) Compressed air consumption 25Nm3/h,

10) Water source pressure <0.6 Mpa

11) Compressed air pressure ≥0.6 Mpa

12) Power voltage 380V±10%, 50Hz 3-phase 4-line mode,

13) Control voltage 380V±10%, 50Hz

14) The motor’s power of side washing 2.2kW

15) The brush’s rotate speed of side washing 159n/min

16) The motor’s power of roof washing 3.0kW

17) The brush’s rotate speed of roof washing 163n/min

18) Total power 55kW

19) Net weight 35t

21) Total noise level <70dB

1.7 General technical request for the equipment

1) The design, manufacture, assemble and debug accord with ISO9001 quantity

management standard system. The construction is reasonable and the function is

advanced. Since guarantee the cleaning quantity, again safe and dependable,


Washing Machine for Rail Transit BEIJINGTEPO – AUTO WASHING


convenient for operation, measurement, assemble, dismantle and maintain.

2) Guarantee all of the equipment are new. This equipment is advanced on the

technique. After it is provided, if software grade creep the responsible for free offering

of my company promote to higher grades the empress's software.

3) The design of Train Washing Machine is according to the pass type washing design,

the train can't touch the signal which express the enter signal while reuse, therefore the

device can not be started.

4) Train washing machine is used in the open air, the appropriative washing line is

arranged for pass type. control board, cage which are controlled by electricity, water

pump, metric pump are all located in the doors.

5) The washing craft process is advanced and reasonable, the utilization of water, gas,

electricity and detergent is high, the wastage is little.

6) The full--automatic cleaning or handicraft washing or the combined together are

carried into execution. Each position of washing has the function of manual debugging


7) The equipment have two kinds of functions---- the clear water washing and

detergent washing, each can proceed the task alone.

8) The washing craft layout is reasonable.

9) The layout of position of Train Washing Machine take into account the reaction

time of the detergent, and at the same time it has enough positions of scrub and flowing,

it also takes into account decreasing the cover of area.

10) Design life of the equipment is 35 years.

11)Design life of the equipment is 35 years. The service life of each parts respectively

are as follows:

Mechanical part 40years

Electrical part 40years

Pipe line road 35 years

Gas road and its units 35 years

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